Use visuals to move your people

It’s a fact: reorganisations and policy reforms often take too long and deliver too little. Frequently, the reason is that people are communicating with only spoken or written language. Using only words and concepts can make exchanges too abstract, offering no understanding of what it is that connects us.

Crisis of confidence

Renewed trust

Client: Mid-sized municipality
Question: Help us resolve a crisis of confidence between the mayor and the town council
Approach: Specially developed series of ... >


Getting to grips with a new way of working

Client: The Hague criminal court
Request: We need a new organisational structure to carry out our reorganisation – please help us visualise it
Approach: Brainstorm technique adapted for play, using associative imagery ... >

From key visuals to core values

Core values are crucial to the identity of any organisation: they help employees identify with your organisation, and they determine attitudes and behaviours.
know more ... >

Cooperative structure

Towards a new form of cooperation

Client: NGInfra, a knowledge institute (association of infrastructure management organisations).
Request: Help us enable the stakeholders to reach consensus on the best form for their interaction.
Approach: Brainstorm technique adapted for play, using associative imagery  ... >


My story

My experiences travelling, educating and meeting people constantly shifts my perspective. And that has honed my ability to adapt – in both my private and professional life. read more ... >

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